Fursuit Prices!

All prices are base prices not flat prices! they will vary depending on commissions

Parts only

Heads: $650

Hand paws:$150



Sleeves: $200

Digi Legs:$400(DTD required)

Bodysuits:$800(DTD required)

fursuit items

Head base(foam casted):$95

Head base(carved foam):$150

Eyeblanks: $30

Completed eye set: $40

Teeth: $20

Claws 8 set: $28

Custom commissions

Mini Partial: $1,200

(head, tail, & paws)

Partial: $1,500

(Head, Tail, hand, and feet paws)


Full Partial: $2,000

(includes a choice of sleeves, arms or legs)

3/4ths suit: $2,300

(digi only)

Full digitigrade suit $3,000

If your fursuit excepts  2 colors of the fur add an extra $40 per extra color to get the most accurate estimate

For any custom 3d printed items for fursuit making please email me!

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