Art Terms of Service

- Payment plans are only available for purchase >$200. Please contact me if this is the case.

- Commissions will only be accepted from people that are 18+ for legal purposes (we can work with parents or guardians.)

Full-color Refund policy

Not started: 100% refund

Sketch: 40% refund

Flat colors: 20% refund

(Any intermediate process will be identified as the latter in the list, for example, if I started shading, you would receive no refund since shading is past the flat-color stage.)

Flat color refund policy:

No started: 100% refund

Sketch: 40% refund

Line art: 10% refund

- I accept refund requests, please email me as soon as you decide to cease commissioning me to avoid additional costs.

- Refunds are based on my self-assessed progress, whether I have sent you wip’s (work in process)  or not.

Please let me know if you would like wips, the default is no

  I can edit the sketch/palette slightly upon request, if my email/ message about the sketch is not replied to within 24 hours, I will simply move on with what I have




Please credit me if you use the commissioned piece in your profile/upload to other sites (preferably with a link back to my profile), and DO NOT claim the art as your own!

- You are allowed to use your commissioned piece for personal use, i.e. desktop background, phone background, profile decoration, icons etc. with proper credit but any commercial use is not allowed. If  you are using my art for such uses, please contact me personally before I start with your commission for discussion on additional pricing. (prices begin at $100)

- You could add your own watermarks as long as the piece is still properly credited

- I reserve the right to post the piece on any of my blogs and as commission/art examples, if you want the commission to be 100% confidential and the art at your charge only, I will be charging a fee, and will not be posting the art anywhere, please contact me personally


Timeframe of completion

- Generally I will try to finish my commission within 3 weeks after commission is accepted,


- I reserve the right to delay your commission because of personal issues I have to deal with in real life, and if  I feel unable to finish your commission due to reasons such as

a) sickness/injury

b) technical problems (such as tablet problems or computer breakdown)

c) long term activities (such as training programs) and

d) other severe life issues

I or others will be contacting you to cancel the commission and I will give full refunds

(though me having to cancel rarely happens)

Feel free to contact me for updates on progress through email or means described in the “Contact” section.

Payment Policy

Upon the approval of the commission You ,the commissioner, will need to pay for the commission, in full, before any work can commence, with commissions $200 and above a payment plan can be established.


- Please only use your commissioned piece, and not use/reupload any other art from me unless specified as “free to use” or with my permission

- Heavy editing is not allowed without prior knowledge, please let me know beforehand and have my agreement. Crediting is still needed.

- If I see you fail to follow my terms, I will send you a warning email, if my warning is not regarded properly, you will be rejected to any of my future commissions/trades/collabs/giveaways/raffles/etc. Serious infringement (art stealing, tracing, severe editing without prior knowledge) will possibly result in my reporting.

- I reserve the right to reject commissions if I feel the content is not proper or I don’t feel like taking it.

Please confirm that there is no mistake in the commissioned piece (key designs, etc.). after commissioner has confirmed that the piece is correct, not editing shall be done, after completed piece, if something needs to be changed I will charge extra


I can be reached through text @ (585)-447-2837 or through one of the following emails/ social medias

Twitter: @furry_melons

For all commissions, just email me at

General info about my art

Personal Don'ts:

- Characters with offensive design elements

-hate art

-hateful or offensive subliminal imagery

-specific triggering imagery

-taboo topics

* Canvas sizes will vary

please specific canvas size for specific media